Monitoring Fantasy Football Using New Relic Insights and AWS Lambda Integration

The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform helps modern IT, development, and operations teams harness the power of their data to improve the performance of their applications, infrastructure, and business. But what about using this power for more nefarious purposes, like monitoring a fantasy football league? Having just recently started at New Relic, I wanted to…

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Taming the Mob, Part 2: Mob Programming Is Like Tending a Campfire

(This post is part 2 in New Relic’s 6-part mob programming series, which we call Taming the Mob.) I like mob programming and I like metaphors. I like mobbing because it helps my engineering teams ship great software reliably and consistently. I like metaphors because it’s fun—even in professional settings—to map seemingly unrelated concepts onto each other to…

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3 Things We Learned Using New Relic to Migrate to Adobe Experience Manager

Not surprisingly, we used New Relic to monitor our migration to AEM—here are three useful lessons we learned along the way.

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