FutureStack14 Video: Docker and the Future of Modern Software

By Posted in Events, Tech Topics, Top Post 24 November 2014

As revealed by its very name, FutureStack is a forward-looking conference, dedicated to tracking the latest trends in modern software, hardware, and data analysis. Several sessions addressed those issues head-on, including Mitchell Hashimoto’s talk on Taming the Modern DataCenter and TJ Fontaine on Node.js: Systems Thinking for Software—and Life (more on those in an upcoming…

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Lucent Sky Works with New Relic to Put Off-Line Security Into Run-Time Analytics

Guest author Jim Liu is the co-founder of Lucent Sky, a company that automates how developers find and fix security problems in applications. When designing an application, there’s often a trade-off between performance and security. For example, using a larger key size for encryption will make it harder to decipher, but it will also take…

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Adventures in AngularJS: Routing

By Posted in Tech Topics 19 November 2014

As with many frameworks, AngularJS gives you a lot of architectural responsibility, which means you should be making a lot of decisions before you ever sit down to build your application. As you approach using Angular for projects in your organization, you need to wear the Architect hat to implement the building blocks of the…

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