CIO Skills Shortages Illuminate the Need to Create a Digital Customer Experience

By Posted in Tech Topics, Using Our Products 23 January 2015

What do CIOs have to look forward to in 2015? It’s time to put major resources behind powering a digital customer experience, or else. IDC, Gartner, and Forrester are all screaming about it, but have CIOs have gotten the message? It’s not entirely clear, but there are some intriguing hints in CIO Magazine’s fascinating 2015…

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6 Python Performance Tips

By Posted in Tech Topics 21 January 2015

Python is such a cool language because you can do so much with it in such a short time with so little code. Not only that, it supports many tasks, such as multiprocessing, with ease. Python detractors sometimes claim Python is slow. But it doesn’t have to be that way: Try these six tips to speed…

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Case Study: New Relic Assists Condé Nast’s Digital Transformation

By Posted in New Relic News, Top Post, Using Our Products 20 January 2015

GQ. The New Yorker. Vogue. Vanity Fair. Glamour. Condé Nast Traveler. Architectural Digest. Bon Appétit. Wired. Ars Technica. Style.com. These are all names and brands that you probably already know. But you may not be as familiar with Condé Nast, the outfit that owns these iconic magazines and sites, as well as many more industry-leading…

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Mobile Strategy for Today & Tomorrow: A FutureTalk Panel Moderated by Rick Turoczy [Video]

By Posted in Events 19 January 2015

2014 was an extremely exciting year for our FutureTalks speaker series at New Relic’s Portland and San Francisco offices! From Sandi Metz exploring her rules for object-oriented coding and Gene Kim distilling DevOps patterns, to our HUB happy hour with Chris Rieth examining data-powered government in Portland, and our Summer Series with events in San Francisco. Numerous insightful experiences were shared with our…

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How to Use New Relic to Monitor Apps Running on Apprenda’s Platform-as-a-Service [Video]

By Posted in New Relic News, Using Our Products 16 January 2015

Guest author Michael Michael is director of product management at Apprenda, a leading provider of enterprise Platform-as-a-Service. This post is adapted from a post on the Apprenda blog. You can follow Michael on Twitter at @MichMike77. Mission-critical applications can be the lifeblood for an enterprise. If your applications stop working at any time, your company could suffer…

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