Meet the Tiny Doggies Who Launched New Relic’s Puppy Friday [Pictures]

By Posted in New Relic News 1 August 2014

An uncontrolled explosion of cuteness erupted at New Relic’s San Francisco headquarters on Friday. A pair of unexpected visitors generated more excitement than any guest since Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny spoke here in June. But rather than heads of state, these visitors were tiny, furry, incredibly friendly and adorable new puppies belonging to the…

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Using New Relic to Monitor Applications on AWS OpsWorks

By Posted in Using Our Products 31 July 2014

A good practice for maintaining highly available applications is to monitor the metrics that impact performance and service levels. AWS OpsWorks includes built-in integration with 14 Amazon CloudWatch metrics, including load, CPU, and memory, but you may also want to monitor other metrics, such as disk-space utilization or application-level metrics such as error rates. That’s…

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New Relic Offers Full 24/7 Technical Support

By Posted in New Relic News, Using Our Products 31 July 2014

This month New Relic achieved a significant milestone by implementing full round-the-clock Technical Support for our Gold and Platinum customers. We are now officially a 24/7/365 Technical Support organization! To find out more about the updates in Tech Support, I sat down with Laura Kibben, New Relic’s veteran Director of Technical Support. Q. Laura, what’s…

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