CIO Skills Shortages Illuminate the Need to Create a Digital Customer Experience

By Posted in Tech Topics, Using Our Products 23 January 2015

What do CIOs have to look forward to in 2015? It’s time to put major resources behind powering a digital customer experience, or else. IDC, Gartner, and Forrester are all screaming about it, but have CIOs have gotten the message? It’s not entirely clear, but there are some intriguing hints in CIO Magazine’s fascinating 2015…

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Going Beyond grep for Searching Source Code

By Posted in Tech Topics 28 January 2015

For developers who live on the command line, a shell prompt (bash or zsh) and an editor (vi or emacs) are the only IDE (integrated development environment) we need. For searching trees of source code, grep and maybe find will suit our needs. grep will search whatever files you may have, but it wasn’t designed for source…

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Getting Started with New Relic Insights [Webinar]

By Posted in Using Our Products 26 January 2015

When Philo T. Farnsworth unveiled the first electronic television in San Francisco almost 100 years ago, it’s easy to imagine his wife saying, “That’s nice, honey, but there’s nothing on!” That’s one of the challenges in pioneering a new product category: It can sometimes take a while for people to fully understand and appreciate its value. New…

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