Nonprofits Leverage Mobile to Make an Impact

By Posted in New Relic Culture 15 April 2014

Mobile technology has potential benefits to offer almost any individual or organization, and nonprofits are learning to use mobile to make an impact. Nonprofits are creating and using mobile apps for everything from fundraising and sharing content to educating the public about their mission. Below we outline a few examples of how mobile apps can…

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Loggly’s New Relic Extension: Get More Value from Your Existing Tools and Data

By Posted in New Relic News, Using Our Products 15 April 2014

This is a guest blog post from Jason Skowronski, Product Manager at Loggly, the Cloud Log Management Service, and New Relic partner. As #DevOps, you are responsible for ensuring that both Development and Operations are humming at your organization. You already have a set of tools to help you with your mission. It is likely that…

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The Next Generation Will All Be Data Nerds

By Posted in New Relic Culture 14 April 2014

Forget Digital Natives, it’s time to meet the new kids on the block: Data Natives. That’s the idea behind a recent post on Re/Code by Monica Rogati, vice president of Data for wearable-tech maker Jawbone. In The Rise of the Data Natives, Rogati argues that while “digital natives were most concerned with what they can…

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How to Get Started with New Relic Mobile

By Posted in Using Our Products 14 April 2014

As any mobile app developer knows, there’s always more than just code that can slow your app down. That’s why we offer New Relic Mobile, a SaaS-based mobile app monitoring solution that helps you quickly pinpoint problems and spend less time troubleshooting. To help our new users get started, we put together this comprehensive Getting…

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