New Relic Insights Adds Upgraded Filters, Custom Events, and Improved iOS App

By Posted in New Relic News, Top Post, Using Our Products 25 November 2014

The month of November has seen  several new updates to New Relic Insights. They’re designed to be useful for newcomers to the product as well as for heavier users looking for more powerful capabilities. The new features are intended to help you access, explore, and upload your data more easily and quickly: New Dashboard Filters…

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FutureStack14 Video: Docker and the Future of Modern Software

By Posted in Events, Tech Topics, Top Post 24 November 2014

As revealed by its very name, FutureStack is a forward-looking conference, dedicated to tracking the latest trends in modern software, hardware, and data analysis. Several sessions addressed those issues head-on, including Mitchell Hashimoto’s talk on Taming the Modern DataCenter and TJ Fontaine on Node.js: Systems Thinking for Software—and Life (more on those in an upcoming…

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Tech’s Newest Marketing Skill: Engineering—A FutureTalk with Isaac Wyatt and Baxter Denney

By Posted in Events 21 November 2014

In 2012, research firm Gartner famously predicted that by 2017, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will spend more money on IT than do Chief Information Officers (CIOs). This trend is paving the way for a new breed of marketer: the marketing technologist. These creative-minded and technically savvy individuals are leading marketing departments’ mass adoption of big…

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