FutureStack14: High Profile New Speakers Added to FutureStack14’s Stellar Lineup

By Posted in New Relic News, Top Post 20 August 2014

The lineup of speakers for our user and tech conference, FutureStack14 just keeps getting better and better. Today we’re announcing leaders and visionaries from high-profile companies like Adobe, GoPro, Bleacher Report, and Lending Club are joining the already stellar roster of speakers on tap for the October event in San Francisco at the Fort Mason…

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Meet Our Data Nerds: Bleacher Report’s Sam Parnell Talks Data Driven Content

By Posted in Nerd Culture 20 August 2014

Bleacher Report delivers digital media’s most engaging content experience to sports fans all over the world. The company combines vision with innovation and has thus built the next-generation publishing brand. Known for their data-driven content creation process that merges inputs from writers, editors, and market analysts to meet real-time consumer demand, Bleacher Report brings in…

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New Transaction-level End-to-end Visibility for Complex Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs)

By Posted in New Relic News, Using Our Products 19 August 2014

We’re delighted to announce two great new end-to-end visualizations within our New Relic APM product that show your transactions in the context of your service oriented architecture (SOA). The visualizations help you spot bottlenecks in your cross application call flows and can provide an end-to-end understanding of how specific transactions are used by other applications…

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FutureStack14: Changing the World with Software and Data

By Posted in Events, New Relic News 19 August 2014

FutureStack14 is not like other conferences you may have attended—unless you were at our inaugural FutureStack last year. FutureStack14 is a conference made by and designed for data nerds—from scrappy startups to thriving enterprises. It’s your chance to learn from people who are doing beautiful, important things with data and software—and get the insider’s view on…

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Which Programming Languages Are Most Popular Right Now?

By Posted in Nerd Culture, Tech Topics, Top Post 18 August 2014

When developers start exploring the world, they often encounter people speaking languages they don’t know. We’re not talking about a trip to Europe, of course, we’re talking about the world of startups, agencies, and enterprise IT, where one shop might speak Python while another is fluent in Java. It’s a veritable Babel out there. Assuming…

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