It’s always nice to get unbiased, third-party validation that you’re doing something right. It’s even nicer, though, when your customers—the folks who pay you hard-earned money to use your products and services—devote their time and attention to giving you props.

techtarget logoThat’s why we were so excited this week to win not one, but two of the seven 2018 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards from TechTarget, which “recognize the top cloud technologies and IT infrastructure products.” New Relic took home the gold in the Public Cloud Migration and Optimization category, while New Relic Infrastructure was named Best Systems Management Tool.

Nominations come from both vendors and users, and then TechTarget readers vote and comment on their favorites, which TechTarget editors and independent experts review when making the final decisions. This is a vetted process, no poll-stuffing allowed. It’s great to see our products resonating with our customers, and we sincerely thank them for their kind words.

The result, according to TechTarget, is that the winners “are the ones that make a difference by helping IT professionals manage vital on-premises and cloud-based environments.”

“New Relic helps smooth cloud migration and management”

We’re thrilled that TechTarget recognized New Relic’s ability to help companies adopt cloud computing with “performance metrics, migration assistance, custom plug-ins, dashboards and alerts that can help users navigate these new environments and get the best performance from their applications.” Even more satisfying, New Relic was the clear winner among TechTarget readers, earning almost double the votes as the second place finisher. “Readers cited its ability to work across multiple clouds and the user experience, including the dashboard, alerts and analytics tools built into the product,” TechTarget said. As one reader put it: “The platform gives me a very large plane of information that I can quickly move deeper into if a problem arises.”

New Relic is designed to give organizations end-to-end visibility and metrics from a single platform into the health and performance of their application at any stage of the migration. Gartner analyst Federico de Silva Leon concurred. “Before, during and after” cloud migrations, de Silva Leon said, “I think New Relic is doing a great job.”

“New Relic Infrastructure helps redefine systems management”

In today’s world, “applications are built to be dynamic, rapidly updated and deployed on diverse hosting infrastructures. This means modern IT operations tools must make sense of change at a breakneck pace.” Those are TechTarget’s words, not ours, but we couldn’t agree more.

New Relic Infrastructure captured the award for Best Systems Management Tool, spotlighting the evolution of systems management beyond static monitoring “into a method to improve application health, as DevOps, cloud and containers hit the mainstream.”

New Relic Infrastructure provides a single, real-time view into an enterprise’s entire host ecosystem—from their own data centers to public cloud services to hybrid and private clouds. Because New Relic Infrastructure is part of a unified full-stack monitoring platform, TechTarget noted, our customers can “seamlessly detect where configuration changes affect application health and … decrease the time to troubleshoot issues.”

According to TechTarget, “Voters chose New Relic Infrastructure as the top systems management tool because it is familiar, offers hashing of configuration state in real time and provides a single source of monitoring information.”

The experts concur: TechTarget quotes Roy Illsley, principal analyst at Ovum: “There [are] quite a lot of APM tools out there that don’t go into the infrastructure, and vice versa.” He also noted that New Relic’s modern, cloud-based products are built for scale.

Again, a big “thank you” to TechTarget, the third-party experts, and especially to all the New Relic customers who took the time to vote and express their support.

Steve Naventi is New Relic's senior technology/product PR manager. He has led technology communications for a wide range of companies, both in-house and at external agencies. View posts by .

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