It’s no secret that the online world is rapidly moving to video. Some estimates predict that video traffic will comprise 80% of online traffic in just two years.

Dealing with this new reality, media companies old and new must contend with rapidly evolving technologies and changing business models. One key challenge is how to monitor—and then optimize—the performance of streaming media content that doesn’t always fit neatly into older APM models.

The importance of streaming media

But what’s really at stake here? Why are streaming media’s technical and business challenges so important, and what are the key factors media companies need to pay attention to in order to maximize their chances for success? To assist media companies—and the increasing number of other organizations also involved in distributing video and audio content—we’ve prepared a new white paper detailing how digital consumption habits are changing the requirements for media success, why every media company must act like a software company in the face of these changes, and how software analytics can help you deliver the best digital experience possible.

keep customer experience streaming white paper coverKeep Your Customer Experience Streaming explains why media companies need software analytics to win over today’s digital audiences. The white paper focuses on the consequences of three software-related goals: application performance, customer experience, and business success. And it shows how our powerful software analytics solutions can help media companies empower high-performing software development and delivery teams. 

Only the beginning

New Relic is committed to helping media companies keep up with the changes in the media business. The free white paper offers invaluable insights into the state of the modern media industry and streaming, OTT video. But it’s only the latest element in our quest to help customers monitor the heart of the internet.

In March, we convened a Media Summit in New York City to discuss the particular needs of media companies and the challenges and opportunities involved in monitoring streaming media. We published a blog post with detailed instructions on Using New Relic to Monitor Your Website’s Video and Audio Performance. And we’ve shared case studies of how media companies from Major League Baseball Advanced Media to Germany’s Mondia Media use New Relic to generate and consolidate performance data help meet its service-level agreements for delivering video in countries around the world.

Read Keep Your Customer Experience Streaming online, or download a PDF version here.'

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