How New Relic and Our Partners Can Help Ease the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Migration

As you probably have noticed, there’s a rolling thunder of enterprises moving from a traditional on-premises model of technology infrastructure to a hybrid cloud model where more and more components of that infrastructure are finding a new home in cloud-based platforms.

As the brand new senior vice president of business development here at New Relic, I feel like I’ve picked the perfect moment to carry a New Relic business card. My mission is to spearhead New Relic’s partner strategy, helping to build out our global ecosystem of alliances and channel partners. One area I’m most excited about is how New Relic can help enterprises make the critical transition to the cloud. Let me explain:

Major forces at work

Enterprises are under enormous pressure to innovate faster in response to the demands of their customers and their own business. And they typically must meet those challenges with little or no new resources. Simply put, the demands on enterprise IT budgets to deliver more, faster, and with fewer dollars are at an all-time high.

As a result, many companies are looking to the cloud to drive faster, more agile, less expensive innovation.

What’s the catch?

The cloud is still maturing, and most enterprises are in no hurry to move everything to the cloud. This requires them to balance what they keep on-premise and what they move to the cloud.

New Relic’s ‘hybrid’ approach is designed to offer a significant value proposition. The ability to monitor your infrastructure and applications in real time before, during, and after the move to a hybrid cloud infrastructure is critical. Your customers, partners, and employees are relying on these hybrid apps and services—crashes and performance problems are not an option. The ability to monitor and track performance and run analytics in real time across both on-premise and cloud environments is an absolute requirement for any enterprises making the move to hybrid cloud.

Partners are essential

enterprise chartAs enterprises arrive in the cloud, they will increasingly rely on partners to help architect and deploy this hybrid infrastructure (global and regional system integrators). They will rely on partners to provide the cloud infrastructure and hosting (Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers). They’ll need partners to provide the platforms (Platform-as-a-Service providers). And they will rely on partners to provide the security and other tools necessary to complete the transition to a hybrid model (third-party software vendors).

That’s why New Relic—and our partners—sit right in the middle of the enterprise’s historic shift from on-premise infrastructure to a hybrid cloud IT model.

Why I’m excited to be here

This is nothing less than a revolution. According to Accenture nearly 75% of enterprises are already planning some form of hybrid cloud migration. New Relic’s strength in APM and software analytics puts us in a sweet spot to help enterprises manage the transition.

Finally, given the ongoing importance of our partners woven into that revolution, I’m thrilled with the opportunity to use my experience working with a wide variety of partners—digital agencies, systems integrators, VARs, platform providers, PaaS and IaaS providers, MSPs, and OEMs—across a range of markets to help New Relic continue to help enterprises successfully transition to the hybrid cloud.

For more information, see the press release: John Gray Joins New Relic as SVP of Business Development

John Gray is senior vice president of business development at New Relic. He has nearly three decades of channels leadership experience, including channels leadership for LivePerson, a SaaS leader in digital engagement, and leading technology channels for Oracle for nine years. View posts by .

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