Modern Software Podcast logoAre we living in a “golden age of software development?”

Our Modern Software Podcast is all about understanding, maximizing, and celebrating the transformational power of software. So it only makes sense that our intrepid troupe of highly opinionated podcasters would tackle such an existential question.

The idea was raised in a recent piece in InfoWorld that we covered in This Week in Modern Software not long ago. Writer Simon Bisson noted that incredibly rich choices of tools, languages, and architectures are finally allowing us to deliver on “the decades-old promise of a ubiquitous computing world.” But is that really true, and how can we tell?

Those simple questions kick off a spirited discussion among our expert panel: New Relic Developer Evangelist Tori Wieldt, Senior VP of Marketing Jay Fry, VP of Customer Analytics Todd Etchieson, and DevOps Evangelist Stevan Arychuk.

Their professional opinions are mixed, perhaps because as every business becomes a software business, we feel increasingly emboldened to criticize anything and everything about the way that software works—or doesn’t work. Unhappiness with some of Apple’s software, for example, has recently bubbled over into high-profile complaints from even higher-profile figures in the Apple universe, and the podcast panel offers some intriguing insights into what’s really behind the grumbling.

MillardOf course, software doesn’t do much good when it’s stuck on the dev server. So we were thrilled to welcome a special guest: Millard Ellingsworth, Agile and DevOps Transformation Coach for the IBM Cloud. Tori asks Millard about the value of DevOps, the best ways to move teams to DevOps, and how to measure DevOps success (hint: “smiles!”). Millard also talks about IBM sharing its progress by opening up the Bluemix Garage Method,  where you can learn more about the tools and practices the company recommends.

All this and much more—including the real impact of Facebook shutting its Parse mobile development platform and why Oracle’s decision to drop support for the Java browser plug-in in JDK 9 is a good thing—in the New Relic Modern Software Podcast… because life’s too short for bad software.

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