Modern Software Podcast logoHere at the Modern Software Podcast, there’s hardly an episode where we don’t at least touch on cloud-related topics. But this time the cloud sits front and center throughout the entire show.

First off, in our news analysis portion, the podcast crew—Tori Wieldt, Todd Etchieson, Clay Smith, and I—debate the concept of a Post-Cloud Future. No, we’re not talking about a world without the cloud; pretty much the exact opposite, in fact.

As proposed in a recent piece by InfoWorld’s Galen Gruman, Post Cloud is the idea that now that the cloud is the de facto option for new deployments, it’s no longer really about where systems reside, but how they are designed and deployed. What determines success in that kind of world? (time code 5:58)

mat ellis of cloudability

Mat Ellis, CEO of Cloudability

But that’s only part one of the show’s cloud discussion. Our special guest is Mat Ellis, cloud expert and founder and CEO of Cloudability, who offers a “state of the cloud” assessment and discusses the importance of the growing phenomenon of the “Big Cloud.” He also shares advice on how IT organizations can adapt to maximize the value of the cloud (22:10).

(If you’d like to know more about Mat’s vision of the Big Cloud, check out his recent presentation in New Relic’s Portland Engineering headquarters: Cloud and Proud: A FutureTalk With Mat Ellis of Cloudability [Video].)

For my money, though, perhaps the most lively discussion in the show covers the brewing backlash over the overuse of wildly popular group chat applications like SlackHipChat, and others. We’re not saying these programs aren’t awesome, but Jason Fried, CEO and founder of Basecamp, which sells a group-chat app, recently described the experience of using them this way: “Group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda,” and plenty of other commentators have voice similar complaints. Is so-called “chat fatigue” a real thing? And, if so, what can you do to leverage the power of these apps without going to far? Don’t miss our perspectives (17:13).

And that doesn’t even address our top story, Microsoft’s willingness to move SQL Server onto Linux instead of just Windows. Tori wonders if it will turn out to be “crippleware”: (1:57).

Hear all this and more below:

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