If you couldn’t make it to our FutureStack15 user conference earlier this month in San Francisco, no worries. Episode 3 of the New Relic Modern Software Podcast has got you covered.

This edition of our regular podcast is your chance to get the highlights directly from some of the New Relic execs, customers, and partners that made the event so special:

New Relic was the host of the attached forum presented in the embedded podcast. However, the content and views expressed are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of New Relic. By hosting the podcast, New Relic does not necessarily adopt, guarantee, approve or endorse the information, views or products referenced therein.

You’ll hear my co-host, New Relic Developer Advocate Tori Wieldt, share the fun of the Hacker Lounge (starts at 13:25), while New Relic Senior VP of Marketing Jay Fry describes the overall event (11:54).

New Relic Marketing Strategist Stevan Arychuk takes you inside his popular panel on “Containers in Production: Crazy? Awesome? or Crazy Awesome!” (16:24) and New Relic Product Manager Sean Carpenter goes in depth on our big announcement of bringing the power of analytics to all our products (14:04).

Plus, we invited Mark Huber, software development manager at DealerTrack, to discuss his presentation on “Engineering Culture, Delivery, and DevOps” (20:10), and Stephen Salas from Rackspace to give a New Relic partner perspective (26:59).

And everyone shares their favorite moment of the event—stay tuned for the videos!

modern software podcast team

From left to right: Fredric Paul, Stevan Arychuk, Sean Carpenter, Jay Fry, and Tori Wieldt.

TWiMS: A look behind the news

As always, though, we begin by giving the crew a chance to weigh in on some of the latest technology news, ripped from the pages of This Week in Modern Software, our weekly recap and analysis of the most important stories and developments in the industry.

This time, we look at whether—and why—Microsoft has finally shed its reputation as a security laggard (2:14) and examine why, despite many companies’ best efforts, the promise of unlimited free cloud storage keeps getting broken—hint, it may actually be a good thing (4:58). And don’t miss Jay’s insights into the rise of the Software-Driven Megacorporation, and how it’s a very different animal than the IT-powered behemoths of the past (10:07).

Don’t Miss The New Stack @ Scale

Finally, if you enjoyed The Modern Software Podcast, be sure to also listen to The New Stack @ Scale, produced by The New Stack and sponsored by New Relic. Co-hosted by The New Stack founder and Editor in Chief Alex Williams and myself, The New Stack @ Scale podcast is intended to address developing and managing dynamic services and systems in the new world of scaled-out architectures. You can listen to the latest episode here.


Note: Music for the Modern Software Podcast is courtesy of Audionautix.


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