Modern Software Podcast logoWelcome back to the New Relic Modern Software Podcast, the show where New Relic experts and special guests tackle the most interesting trends and topics in the ever-changing world of software. In this episode, we debut a new monthly schedule and a focus on the biggest issues and trends affecting software developers, IT operations, and digital business leaders.

In this episode we look both forward and backward, as our inimitable podcast crew discusses how the rise of augmented reality via the Pokémon Go phenomenon affects developers both now and in the future, debates the opportunities and challenges of dealing with Single-Page Applications, and shares their thoughts on what departed technologies and technology brands they miss the most.

Then I’m joined by Managing for Happiness author Jurgen Appelo and New Relic’s own Rebecca Campbell and Jonathan Karon as we demystify the black art of engineering management.

Is Pokémon Go good for Augmented Reality? [time code 2:03]

poke ball: this week in modern softwareThe rise of Pokémon Go has been perhaps the biggest technology story of the summer, but what does it really mean for the future of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)—and to the future of software engineers and other technology professionals?

The New Relic Modern Software Podcast crew—New Relic Developer Evangelist Tori Wieldt, Senior VP of Marketing Jay Fry, VP of Customer Analytics Todd Etchieson, and Product Marketing Manager for APM Stevan Arychuk—join me in offering answers to questions such as:

  • Does Pokémon Go really qualify as AR, and is the game trivializing or turbocharging the concept?
  • What’s the role of performance in making AR a success?
  • What do dev and ops folks have to do now to prepare for AR and VR in their jobs?

How are Single-Page Applications changing the rules for developers—and APM? [11:46]

As you may know, New Relic Browser recently added new support for Single-Page Applications. SPAs are an increasingly popular way to deliver an enhanced user experience, but they also upend many conventional assumptions about how the web works. Digging deeper, the podcast crew delves into

  • How does the rise of SPAs affect common online business models?
  • What benefits do users perceive in SPAs?
  • What are the challenges for instrumenting SPAs to monitor performance?

Who did you love? [14:54]

One of the coolest things about the world of modern software is how quickly things change and evolve. But sometimes that evolution means that once-beloved brands and technologies fall by the wayside, getting absorbed into other organizations, shrinking to a shell of their former selves, seeing their position usurped by newer technologies or companies, or simply going out of business.

But gone doesn’t necessarily mean forgotten, and “legacy” doesn’t just mean “old and in need of replacement.” In this segment, we pay homage to bygone products and companies that still represent something important. Listen to see if you can guess what each member of the podcast crew misses most! (You can use our Twitter hashtag #ModernSoftwarePodcast to share what lost technologies and brands you recall fondly.)

Decoding the secrets of engineering management [23:19]

jurgen appelo

Jurgen Appelo

Finally, for our interview segment, we welcome New Relic Director of Engineering Rebecca Campbell and Senior Engineering Manager Jonathan Karon, along with Jurgen Appelo, the author of Management 3.0, which focuses on managing engineers, and Managing for Happiness, which takes a wider viewpoint.

Listen for innovative answers to questions like: 

  • How does managing engineers differ from managing other workers?
  • Do developers care about process as much as they care about code?
  • What’s the worst example of an engineering management fail you’ve ever seen?
  • What one technique can best help make engineers happy and productive?

For more on this topic, don’t miss our series of blog posts on engineering management, which was largely inspired by Jonathan Karon.

All this and much more in the latest episode of the New Relic Modern Software Podcast!

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