The cloud offers big benefits to companies of all sizes. But to maximize the value and power of the cloud, you need to know how well it’s performing for you. That’s what Education Elements found out when the personalized learning company installed New Relic to monitor its use of Amazon Web Services.

According to Education Elements CTO Arthur Svider, with the help of New Relic APM, his company was able to save as much as 35% of its monthly cloud costs while serving 20 times as many users!

This inspiring revelation comes in the latest episode of the New Relic Modern Software Podcast, which features an interview with Svider and COO Amy Jenkins (time code 20:26). Listen to find out how Education Elements is leveraging technology to enable personalized learning in school districts around the country, and how New Relic is helping them do it much more efficiently and reliably.

And note that Education Elements is a participant in New Relic’s Data Nerd Selfies program, sort of a do-it-yourself version of a traditional case study. Learn more about the Selfies program at

Modern Software Podcast guests Arthur Svider and Amy Jenkins

From left to right: Education Elements CTO Arthur Svider and COO Amy Jenkins with Fredric Paul.

All the news that’s fit to discuss

But that’s only one of this episode’s treats. As always, the Modern Software Podcast begins with the podcast crew’s fun and insightful investigation of the latest tech new and trends. Our topics are ripped from the virtual pages of This Week in Modern Software, New Relic’s weekly analysis of the most important stories in the world of software and analytics.

This time, my co-host Tori Wieldt and I are joined by New Relic Senior VP of Marketing Jay Fry, as we weigh in on the fascinating tech backstory to the analysis of the Panama Papers. Did you know that the team sorting through the giant trove of structured and unstructured data used an impressive array of open source and proprietary database and data visualization tools? Or that while the data was originally hacked off on-premise servers, the journalists working with it safely stored it all—encrypted, of course—in the cloud? (2:00).

We also touch on the ongoing influx of evidence for continuing cloud momentum. The latest updates? IDC predicts robust cloud growth, Intuit trades the desktop for the cloud, and how millionths of pennies add up to billions of dollars in the cloud. (9:04)

Finally, don’t forget the bots! At Facebook’s F8 developer conference in San Francisco last week, Mark Zuckerberg touted big progress in chat bots and agents and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. How close are we to this brave new world of software bots, and how will the transition affect developers and UX designers? (13:42)

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