There’s more than one way to get to the hybrid cloud. And most enterprises follow several paths to get to what is increasingly becoming the “new normal” for corporate IT infrastructure.

That’s the essential message behind my fascinating and informative conversation with Lee Atchison, New Relic’s Principal Cloud Architect and Advocate, that highlights the 10th episode of the New Relic Modern Software Podcast.

Lee begins with one of the clearest, most coherent explanations of what a hybrid cloud actually consists of, and lays out three key paths companies take to the hybrid cloud:

lee atchison

Lee Atchison, Principal Cloud Architect and Advocate

  1. Leveraging the cloud to create a bigger, better data center
  2. Adding new cloud capabilities to your on-premise applications
  3. Hosting some, but not all, of your applications in the cloud

Each of these approaches has its own use cases and yields its own benefits. And each presents its own challenges for monitoring and managing applications.

Critically, many organizations, particularly larger enterprises, follow several of these hybrid cloud paths at the same time. That means their monitoring solutions must be able to deliver a consistent look at application performance across on-premise data centers and various cloud iterations. The absolute worst situation, Lee notes, is to have one set of monitoring tools for your data center, and another set of monitoring tools in the cloud (conversation begins at 22:39).

(Want to hear more cloud goodness from Lee? Check him out live at the AWS Summits in Chicago on April 19 and Sydney, Australia on April 26, as well as at the COUP CTO conference in Miami, June 1; the Cloud Expo in New York City, June 7; and the Velocity conference in Santa Clara, Calif., the week of June 20. And don’t miss his upcoming book, Architecting for Scale, due out this spring.)

More cloud news

As always, though, the Modern Software Podcast begins with a lively discussion of the week’s top stories from the world of modern software, for which I’m joined by the trusty New Relic podcast crew: my co-host, Developer Advocate Tori Wieldt (check out her latest webcast: Scaling with Docker: New Relic’s Containerization Journey); VP of Customer Analytics Todd Etchieson; and Software Operations Solutions Architect Stevan Arychuk.

Our first topic is the rather unexpected denouement of the Apple/FBI encryption tussle. We discuss what happened and offer our assessments of how it will affect the prospects on getting clarity on the intersection of privacy, security, and government access to our devices and data in a wide variety of situations (1:53)

Next, we look at cloud progress in the wake of significant recent milestones from all three of the leading cloud vendors: AWS’s 10th anniversary, Google’s Cloud Platform conference (GCP Next), and Microsoft Build (11:31).

Finally, we take a moment to appreciate and offer perspective on the legacy of Intel’s legendary Andy Grove, who passed away last month at age 79. Stevan suggests you check out this moving memorial from Robert Siegel, who helped research Grove’s seminal Silicon Valley business book, Only the Paranoid Survive (14:46).

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