As organizations go digital, they need to pay special attention to the transition, which often includes creating a new cultural mindset of working together across functions.

New Relic has long delivered solutions for application developers who build custom applications from the ground up rather than buying commercial applications. It’s an approach that seems obvious to us but has occasionally been controversial. That’s because it assumes that the business world will quickly adopt custom applications for digital initiatives. We think the smart move is to be bold and anticipate what data the new digital market will require. Our view is that the digital market will be fast moving and in order to keep up you’ll need visibility into your customers’ points of view, their behaviors, and their desires.

Coupling performance data and analytics

IT research firm IDC, meanwhile, believes that in digital environments a broader enterprise audience will want and need application performance monitoring data. And they will want that performance data to be coupled with analytics to provide the context needed to make important business decisions.

In its recent report, “New Relic: Combining Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics to Make APM Relevant to Everyone in the Enterprise,” IDC analysts Archana Venkatraman and Carla Arend write that system administrators, operations, product teams, lines of business, and business stakeholders will all see the value of real-time analytics in their everyday job functions: “The complexity of software and the fragmentation of data across multiple platforms, volumes, and formats will push organizations to evaluate tools that collect data across the infrastructure, integrate it, and provide real time insights into applications … to deliver a great customer experience.”

Automation, microservices, and transformation

So what does this transformation really look like? The report’s authors argue that “organizations will transition to highly automated, microservices-based architectures that over time will enable continuous delivery of applications.” Continuous delivery is therefore essential to allowing organizations to be responsive to their customers and thus become highly competitive. With real-time data, organizations can more quickly evaluate new and existing software features and customer interactions to help them adjust their software to be more successful.

Digital transformation is real and businesses will continue to invest in it. In an IDC Link, “New Relic FutureStack15 Introduces Software Analytics for All,” analyst Mary Johnston Turner writes, “Customers will continue to invest in the digital transformation of more and more business services and require better and deeper real-time insight into application performance, end-user impacts, and the business value of Web and mobile services.”

Finally, here’s how Venkatraman and Arend sum it up for the research firm: “IDC believes that in the digitally transformed world, the data delivered through applications is the key to customer experience … so business can address issues before they translate into problems for end users.” We couldn’t agree more.

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