Do You Have 100% Visibility into Your Hybrid Cloud? [Infographic]

If your company is taking advantage of the cloud, there’s a good chance you’re doing it via the hybrid cloud model. A combination of public cloud services and private (on-premises) resources, the hybrid cloud is designed to give organizations the scalability and cost benefits of the public cloud, while also providing the flexibility to host their applications in the appropriate public or private environment depending on the nature of the workload.

While the benefits of the hybrid cloud are well known, what may not be as immediately apparent is how this model affects performance monitoring.

Control and accountability are incredibly important for success in the cloud. And that’s exactly why we decided to examine the issue in our latest infographic and white paper.

See the infographic below to get the high-level view of the hybrid cloud model and the potential monitoring problems it presents, along with tips for what you can do about it. And for a more in-depth look at monitoring application performance in hybrid clouds, download the white paper, Cloudy with 100% Visibility: Monitoring Application Performance in Hybrid Clouds.


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