Go is one of the hottest new programming languages out there today. Sometimes referred to as “golang,” Go is an open source programming language created in 2007 by three Google engineers: Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.

Go was originally positioned as a modern systems language, but, according to New Relic Product Manager Neha Duggal, “Go is growing in popularity as a language for writing microservices thanks to its elegant concurrency model, simple binary deployments, low number of external dependencies, fast performance, and runtime efficiency.”

golang gopherA creative and passionate community of Go developers and users (“Gophers”) has grown up around the language, and today there are U.S. Go conferences, European Go conferences, Go organizations, Go schools, Go newsletters, Go blogsGo podcasts, an online Gopher avatar generator (using the original artwork designed by cartoonist Renée French) … even a group for LGBT Gophers (yes, “Gayphers”).

There are also a number of highly knowledgeable and interesting Go experts that any Gopher (or would-be Gopher) should be following online. We’ve gathered 18 of our favorites into the alphabetical list below. If you want to learn more about this very special programming language, and stay on top of the latest news and developments in the world of Go, let these smart people be your guides:

golang expert sarah adamsSarah Adams

Founder of Women Who Go
Website: www.womenwhogo.org
Twitter: @sadams007 & @WomenWhoGo
GitHub: github.com/adams-sarah


golang expert peter bourgonPeter Bourgon

Creator of the Go Kit
Website: peter.bourgon.org
Twitter: @peterbourgon
GitHub: github.com/peterbourgon


golang expert johnny BoursiquotJohnny Boursiquot

Software engineer and Baltimore Golang organizer
Website: jboursiquot.com
Twitter: @jboursiquot
GitHub: github.com/jboursiquot


francesc CampoyFrancesc Campoy Flores

Developer advocate at Google
Website: www.campoy.cat
Twitter: @francesc
GitHub: github.com/campoy


dave cheneyDave Cheney

Developer, Go advocate, and blogger
Blog: dave.cheney.net
Twitter: @davecheney
GitHub: github.com/davecheney


Jaana DoganJaana Dogan

Programmer at Google
Website: rakyll.org
Twitter: @rakyll
GitHub: github.com/rakyll


alan donovanAlan A. A. Donovan

Member of Google’s Go team, co-author of The Go Programming Language
GitHub: github.com/adonovan



caleb doxseyCaleb Doxsey

Author of Introducing Go and An Introduction to Programming in Go
Website: www.doxsey.net
GitHub: github.com/calebdoxsey


nate finchNate Finch

Engineer at Canonical developing Juju using Go, founder of Boston Golang group
Website: npf.io
Twitter: @natethefinch
GitHub: github.com/natefinch


brad fitzpatrickBrad Fitzpatrick

Engineer on Go Language team at Google, original founder of LiveJournal
Website: bradfitz.com
Twitter: @bradfitz


steve franciaSteve Francia

Technical program manager on Go Language team at Google
Twitter: @spf13
GitHub: github.com/spf13
Blog: spf13.com


Jessie FrazelleJessie Frazelle

Software engineer and Golang contributor
Blog: blog.jessfraz.com
Twitter: @jessfraz
GitHub: github.com/jessfraz


kelsey hightowerKelsey Hightower

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform at Google
Twitter: @kelseyhightower
GitHub: github.com/kelseyhightower
Medium: medium.com/@kelseyhightower


william kennedyWilliam Kennedy

Go trainer, founder of GoBridge, and co-author of Go in Action
Website: www.goinggo.net
Twitter: @goinggodotnet
GitHub: github.com/goinggo


brian ketelsenBrian Ketelsen

Founder and instructor at Gopher Academy, co-author of Go in Action
Twitter: @bketelsen
Blog: www.brianketelsen.com/blog


carlisia pintoCarlisia Pinto

Go developer and co-host of Go Time podcast
Twitter: @carlisia



mat ryerMat Ryer

Author of Go Programming Blueprints
Twitter: @matryer
GitHub: github.com/matryer



erik st martinErik St. Martin

Organizer of GopherCon, co-author of Go in Action, co-host of Go Time podcast
Twitter: @erikstmartin
GitHub: github.com/erikstmartin


More folks to follow

Since we published our initial list, we’ve gotten suggestions from members of the Go community about additional great Go experts out there who should be included. We’re adding them here and will update this list as needed going forward. Thanks for the feedback!

Sameer AjmaniSameer Ajmani

Software Engineer, manager of Go Language team at Google
Website: sameer.io
Twitter: @Sajma
GitHub: github.com/Sajmani


russ coxRuss Cox

Go hacker, tech lead for Go Language team at Google
Website: swtch.com/~rsc
Twitter: @_rsc
GitHub: github.com/rsc


damian gryskiDamian Gryski

Senior developer at Booking.com, Gopher, and frequent contributor to Go subreddit
Twitter: @dgryski
GitHub: github.com/dgryski
Medium: medium.com/@dgryski


ben johnsonBen Johnson

Go developer and author of Go Walkthrough series
Twitter: @benbjohnson
GitHub: github.com/benbjohnson
Medium: medium.com/@benbjohnson


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Gopher image cc 3.o original by Renée French.

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