Believe the hype—we have entered a golden age of machine learning. Advances in artificial intelligence are changing the way we live, work, and do business. And voice recognition technology and self-driving cars are only the beginning.

That was the message Cedric Archambeau, principal applied scientist of machine learning at Amazon, shared with the audience at FutureStack17: Berlin. In his talk, “Bringing Powerful Artificial Intelligence to All Developers,” Cedric painted an exciting vision of a future in which AI not only improves developers’ products, but also their processes.

amazon's cedric archambeau at futurestack berlin

Back in the 1990s at around the same time that LeNet 5—a convolutional neural network—began to transform the way banks processed checks with its ability to read handwritten numbers, Amazon launched its first book-recommending algorithm for shoppers visiting its website. Ever since, the company has been committed to converting the power of machine learning into tangible benefits for its customers.

Today, that means the Just Walk Out technology behind AmazonGo’s line-free, checkout-free grocery stores. It means the X-Ray technology that automatically enriches digital content on Kindle and Amazon Prime Video. It means more efficient fulfillment and logistics for the company, and a range of other new and exciting capabilities.

To learn more about the fascinating machine-learning initiatives at Amazon, including Apache MXNet, Polly, and Rekognition, watch Cedric’s full presentation in the video below:

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