E-commerce is big business these days, and it’s only getting bigger. Since Englishwoman Jane Snowball ordered groceries through her television back in 1984—the first recorded online shopping transaction—the practice of making purchases over the Web has gone from mind-blower to no-brainer. With an estimated 162,884 e-commerce companies currently active worldwide, and global e-sales expected to total nearly $2.5 trillion by 2018, today’s retailers must do everything they can to connect—and do business—with customers online.

With 2015 sales estimated at €185.39 billion (around $200 billion), it’s clear that e-commerce is making just as big an impact in Europe as it is in the United States and beyond. But no matter the location, the end-of-year holiday season is when online shopping comes into its own. With huge spikes in traffic a certainty, e-tailers face a challenging time marked by outages, bottlenecks, costly downtime, and emergency maintenance. That’s bad news for customers—whose average wait time threshold is now less than three seconds—and bad for businesses, too.

Survive and thrive

Businesses seeking to monitor the crunch-time performance of their websites and apps have faced various difficulties, including a lack of deep visibility, a disparate and disconnected array of tools, insufficient foresight, and limited deployment time. Managing those factors means online retailers have had their work cut out keeping everything running smoothly.

Thankfully, today’s modern SaaS-based software analytics tools can make that process both simpler and more effective. Tools like New Relic are designed to enable companies of any size, on any budget, to improve app performance and customer satisfaction—in other words, to survive and thrive through even the most intense holiday shopping blitzes.

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Boozt gets a performance boost

Boozt is the fastest growing e-commerce company in Scandinavian fashion, and aims to become the biggest. Founded in Malmö, Sweden, in 2009, Boozt.com receives 30 million page views each month, with traffic growing all the time. Those customers are drawn to the site by a wide selection of brands, competitive prices, and excellent service.

Operating under the motto We deliver fashion, Boozt constantly strives to improve the user experience. But before it deployed a SaaS-based APM solution from New Relic, making those improvements presented the company with a considerable challenge.

“We needed better insight into the actual customer experience, especially during peak events such as Black Friday and seasonal sales promotions,” says Boozt Web Development Manager Aurelijus Valeiša. “We also needed better visibility into our hybrid cloud environment. We knew that if we could gain an understanding of our websites’ performance during peak traffic volumes, we could make more efficient use of our public cloud resources.”

Today, Boozt analyzes user experience with New Relic APM, monitors the performance of third-party services with session traces, and conducts advanced testing with New Relic Synthetics.

The result? A 30 percent improvement in performance at the frontend. And behind the scenes the custom in-house warehouse system has also been vastly improved, with severe bottlenecks during busy periods (such as the holiday rush) now a thing of the past.

add to basket e-commerce ebook“With the help of New Relic, we began optimizing the warehouse system one area at a time,” explains Tobias Sjölin, principal project manager at Boozt Fashion. “By improving the processes for packing orders, we reduced the time from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds. In all, we saved the equivalent of the cost and effort of one full-time employee.”

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