When I started New Relic, I had three core beliefs about enterprise software:

First, it should be cloud native. Not ported to the cloud or adapted to the cloud, but built from the ground up in the cloud. As developers, we can spot the differences, and as strategic buyers of software, we know all the reasons why multi-tenant cloud isn’t just a nice to have, it is a “knock out” criterion for modern software.

Second, it should be people-centric—built for anyone to easily use and understand. It shouldn’t take a company’s best people to spend months figuring it out, or count on an expensive army of vendor consultants to try to make it do the things they said it would do. It should just work, and it should be easy for anyone in the office to pick up and start getting value from day one.

Finally, it should be analytics-focused. When enterprise software generates data, we want to be able to analyze and interrogate that data, and we want to be able to share the insights we gain with others. When analytics is at the core of the design, you can collect better data, you can open that data up to free-form questions, and you can put it on everybody’s news feed.

Armed with those core product beliefs, we initially set out to make the best Application Performance Monitoring (APM) product we could. Pretty quickly, though, we found opportunities to solve more problems for our customers. Not just in analytics, but also in real user monitoring in browser apps, single-page apps and mobile apps, and in synthetic monitoring. And now we’re adding infrastructure monitoring to our platform, because we know that almost every organization is grappling with a complex blend of on-premise and cloud resources that they need to see inside.

Combined, this suite of products, all powered by our core cloud foundation, comprise the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform.


The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform

With the launch of New Relic Infrastructure taking place at FutureStack16 this week in San Francisco, it becomes clearer than ever how all of our integrated technology works together to do more than performance monitoring. It is truly enabling our customers to develop digital intelligence.

We see our customers using New Relic to go beyond thinking about apps or infrastructure in silos, and instead thinking about the broad impact of digital on every part of their company. They are able to answer critical questions like, Are my apps available across all regions? Are my critical transactions performing well? Is my supporting infrastructure available?

The only way to properly answer those questions is to build visibility into all of their technology: from every end-user click to every application, service, and container that runs modern software to the infrastructure in the cloud and on-premise that makes it all work.

Our customers know they need to be able to collect every bit of data that they can from that whole stack, and that means that they need a way to store it and analyze it in a way that scales almost infinitely, and does so automatically whenever their workload increases. And they need a set of tools that make it easy for everyone to do their job—from the purpose-built performance management apps that developers and IT ops people rely on to the unstructured analytics and dashboarding required by technology and business leaders.

Digital is a team sport

Most of all, the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform has been designed to enable teams to act together to resolve issues quickly, create better customer experiences, and drive better business results. More than ever, alignment and visibility is needed across software, operations, and product teams, but also every person tasked with running a digital business needs real-time, full-stack visibility so they can quickly identify and fix problems. The Digital Intelligence Platform is engineered to give everyone in the business the same end-to-end visibility into their applications and their supporting infrastructure. Just as important, it can deliver this complete context across customer experience, application performance, and dynamic infrastructure.

I’m excited about sharing the details behind our new platform (along with all the new feature announcements that are part of it!) here at FutureStack16. But most of all, I’m excited about sharing an inside look at what we’re working on and delivering next. Because we’ll never be finished adding new features and innovations to our platform.

From digital experiences to scalable IT operations; from mobile to bare metal; and from clicks to code, our goal is to ensure that our customers have the visibility they need to succeed. With the introduction of New Relic Infrastructure and the Digital Intelligence Platform, we’re focused on helping our customers transform and run their digital businesses.

Learn more about what’s next at SanFrancisco.FutureStack.io! And follow FutureStack on Twitter @NewRelic #FS16SF.


Note: Event dates, participants, and topics are subject to change without notice.


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