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digital business breakthrough ebook coverDigital experiences are increasingly how companies engage with their customers. And we’re not just talking about digital-only brands, but all kinds of companies, from banks to retailers, donut shops to automotive manufacturers. Even traditional business-to-business industries such as suppliers of construction materials are transforming the buyer’s journey into a digital path.

They have no choice. Growing legions of digital-first customers give their loyalty—and their money—to the companies that offer the best, most reliable, most convenient digital experiences. You and your team can’t afford to let these customers down.

But delivering a great digital customer experience isn’t always easy. In fact, many companies are pretty much flying blind when it comes to understanding exactly what kind of digital experiences their customers are having.

5 critical questions

Let’s put you on the spot. Can you answer these five critical questions about how well your company’s software is working and what kind of customer experience it provides?

  1. Do you know if the key transactions in your website or mobile app are working, 24/7/365?
  2. Are slowdowns in your website or crashes in your mobile app causing frustrated users to leave?
  3. Are your customers using the feature that you just launched—and is it working properly?
  4. How often do your top customers interact with your website or mobile app, and are you keeping them happy?
  5. Can you report back to the business about customer engagement with your website or mobile app and the impact of that engagement on business outcomes?

If you’re having trouble answering these questions, you’re not alone. It has been difficult to know everything about your customers’ digital experiences with your company. Why? In many organizations, the broader team—everyone from marketing to product managers to dev and ops—may not have the data they need to fully understand and optimize the digital customer experience they’re working so hard to provide.

That’s because in order to deliver a first-class digital customer experience—one that meets the needs and expectations of today’s consumers, partners, and business customers—it takes more than brilliant software developers. It requires attention and expertise from multiple disciplines across the entire company: marketing, sales, application owners, product managers, developers, operations, designers, customer care, and executives.

And to work effectively together to create a superior digital customer experience, those stakeholders need shared access to real-time and historical data about your digital channels. Data about errors. Data about performance. Data about outages. Data about users. Data about engagement. Data about revenue.

Data is the common language the teams use to communicate, collaborate, and create the kind of customer experiences that result in successful business outcomes. The right data gives the team visibility and insight to guide their decisions and ultimately prove the impact of their efforts on the company’s goals.

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