It seems obvious that the quality and performance of your company’s software must be spot on or your customers will look elsewhere. Yet in a recent study, 75% of organizations indicated that application performance is an issue for them, with 25% reporting their application is outright slow.

So what is going on with modern software development that’s causing performance and quality to be major pain points for many organizations? The easier question might be “what isn’t going on?” From far higher expectations for constant innovation to increasing complexity of the application environment, software teams today—developers, operations engineers, product managers, and others—face greater challenges than ever as they race to deliver innovative, quality software quickly.

AMP ebook coverIt’s no wonder then that application performance monitoring (APM) has become an essential component of building and running great software. And it should come as no surprise that, in addition to all the other skills and capabilities that the software team must perfect, using APM to its greatest effectiveness should be high on the list.

In our newest ebook The Secret to Faster, Better Software, we take a look at the four key phases of APM adoption and how you can improve performance and optimize your business by using APM like a pro.

In the first phase of APM adoption, your organization is learning what’s going on in your application environment by gaining visibility into

  • Dependencies between applications, infrastructure, and third-party services
  • Application performance and availability
  • Usage, including infrastructure utilization, apps, users, and resource consumption as well as throughput
  • Changes, including deployments, infrastructure upgrades, configuration, and traffic and usage patterns
  • Key transactions

If you have visibility into the data above, congrats! You’ve already made it past phase one of your APM journey. Read the ebook to learn more about where you stand now and where you need to go to next in order to use APM as a strategic tool to boost your bottom line.


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