Anyone can collect a lot of data—it’s what you do with it that counts. “It’s about presenting useful information that can be used to make decisions, as opposed to just presenting data.”

kevin evans of concur at futurestack

Kevin Evans of Concur with Michael Krigsman

That was the message from Kevin Evans, Vice President of DevOps and Cloud Services at travel and expense management services outfit Concur, when he was interviewed by Michael Krigsman, industry analyst and host of CXOTalk, at FutureStack16 in San Francisco late last year.

To serve its more than 40,000 enterprise customers and 35 million regular users, Concur collects “a tremendous amount” of user-experience data, Kevin said. In fact, he added, “We sometimes refer to ourselves as a data collection company that just happens to do travel and expense management.” But Kevin stressed that evaluating and responding to that data, especially in real time, is the key to ensuring quality service.

The shift to an emphasis on service, as opposed to simple functionality, is mirrored by Concur’s adoption of a DevOps approach: “End-to-end,” as Kevin called the philosophy behind the shift. “It’s really about giving teams responsibility and accountability for—and complete ownership of—the services they’re designing and building,” he said.

Hear more about Concur’s ongoing growth and discerning use of data in the full 7-minute video below:

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