What role does data play in your job? Is data something you look at every day, or hardly at all? Is it something your company absolutely couldn’t work without?

These are the types of questions we obsess over here at New Relic, and it’s why we decided to conduct our second annual end-of-year survey in December 2015. We asked hundreds of companies in 22 different industries about where they stand on their journey to becoming data driven, and compared the results to last year’s findings.

So what did we learn? The key findings are highlighted in our latest infographic—everything from which teams (and industries) employ the biggest data nerds, which metrics companies feel they’re the best and worst at tracking, how frequently they release code to production, and much more.

The infographic below offers a quick snapshot, but for a more in-depth look at the data and analysis, be sure to read the full survey report, too.

How does your company compare?

DataCulture2016_Infographic_FINAL 2

Background image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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