Engaging effectively with customers is important for every organization, but the stakes are even higher in some cases. For a medical nonprofit like CURE International, for example, those “customers” are really donors who, rather than buy products, fund desperately needed surgical operations for children in 29 countries around the world. Which means effective engagement can be a matter of life and death—literally.

A big part of CURE’s digital transformation efforts have been about better connecting with donors. As CTO Joel Worrall told Michael Krigsman, industry analyst and host of CXOTalk, at FutureStack16 San Francisco, the nonprofit and healthcare sectors are notorious for languishing behind the tech curve. But CURE was determined to buck that trend.

“What software and technology can do for us has been really critical over the last several years,” Joel said. For example, donors can now receive real-time updates on surgeries they have funded. They can even send a digital “get well” message that the patient receives immediately.

Criticially, thanks to data and analytics, CURE can track which of these communications and fundraising strategies are resonating with potential donors—and which are not.

To hear more about the life-changing benefits of embracing digital transformation for CURE and the children it helps, check out the video below:


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