New Relic is thrilled to sponsor a brand new podcast series: The New Stack @ Scale, produced by The New Stack, which was founded by veteran tech journalist Alex Williams to cover “the services and infrastructures that developers build and the cultural impact that has on the way we work and live.”

The New Stack @ Scale is intended to address developing and managing dynamic services and systems in the new world of scaled out architectures.

I’m very excited to join Alex in this podcast, and you can listen to the premiere episode—covering cloud-native architectures—below. Our guests include Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent, which “delivers container-native infrastructure,” and Patrick Reilly, CEO of Kismatic, which offers production support for Docker and Kubernetes.

The wide-ranging discussion delves into a variety of topics, including the paradigm shift behind “cloud native” computing, the concrete benefits it can provide, the role of DevOps, how opinionated infrastructure can lead to useful simplifications, and what is needed from industry organizations and standards bodies.

New Relic is a sponsor of the New Stack @ Scale Podcast. However, the content and views expressed are those of the participants of the New Stack @ Scale Podcast, which is the property of The New Stack. Any views expressed on the New Stack @ Scale Podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of New Relic. By  embedding the audio for the New Stack @ Scale Podcast or linking to The New Stack, New Relic does not adopt, guarantee, approve or endorse the information, views or products available on The New Stack site.

You can get a more detailed introduction to the guests and a topic-by-topic breakdown of the discussion on The New Stack’s blog post: A New Podcast From TNS All About Scaling Dynamic Services and Systems. But I wanted to dive deeper on one element of our discussion, the issue of virtualization and containers turning servers from cherished pets into interchangeable cattle … and ultimately into short-lived bacteria.

In a New Relic blog post earlier this summer (New Relic Generates Real Data on Docker Container Adoption), New Relic senior director of enterprise marketing Abner Germanow used New Relic Docker monitoring to reveal some fascinating figures about container lifespans. The analysis revealed what could be “net new application architectures indicated by very short container lifetimes.”

We saw a large volume of containers that lasted less than 5 minutes, a shorter amount of time than is typically needed merely to activate a virtual machine. Extending the pets vs. cattle metaphor, we described these very short-lived servers as “bacteria” and noted their potential to enable new inherently cloud-native application architectures.

As Bryan Cantrill notes in the podcast, it’s all about “cutting the emotional ties”—and 5 minutes doesn’t really give you much time to develop a deep relationship. If you need to make a change, he says, you’re going to redeploy the container with a different UUID.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these new architectures are used, and how The New Stack @ Scale podcast evolves. Look for a new episode every month, with leading industry figures providing insightful commentary on everything from managing complexity to security to Software-as-a-Service analytics.

Stay tuned!

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