The line stretched out the door and down the hallway, then turned and went back up the hallway to an escalator, then down the escalator and halfway along another, even bigger hallway.

Fortunately, the room at Chicago’s McCormick Place was very large, and everyone waiting in line got a seat, but what were they all waiting for? No, it wasn’t a free concert or a sneak preview of a new superhero movie … it was the presentation by Deepak Singh, General Manager of Amazon ECS, on Containers and the Evolution of Computing at the AWS Summit in Chicago earlier this week.

The intense interest in this session, just one of dozens at the two-day event that attracted thousands of attendees, spotlighted cloud computing’s ever-growing influence on companies large and small. But as demonstrated in the keynote from Dr. Matt Wood, general manager of product strategy at Amazon Web Services, AWS is putting renewed emphasis on making cloud computing the default choice for even the largest enterprises. (Watch Dr. Wood’s keynote in the video below.)

matt wood of AWS

Dr. Matt Wood of AWS delivered the keynote speech.

Enterprise execs and new products

To further that end, Dr. Wood used his keynote to welcome enterprise technology executives like Ben Wilson, CTO of GE Oil & Gas, and Salvador Milan, vice president of infrastructure and operations at the Kellogg Company, and to make a number of AWS product and feature announcements during his keynote.

ben wilson

Ben Wilson, CTO of GE Oil & Gas, discussed his company’s cloud transformation.

The announcements included adding new low-cost storage options for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Elasticsearch Data Ingestion with Amazon Kinesis Firehose, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk Managed Platform Updates. There were lots more, but not surprisingly my favorite was a new larger size of the AWS Snowball data transfer appliance.

New Relic shares monitoring strategies

New Relic, meanwhile, contributed with demos of our monitoring and analytic solutions as well as a presentation by Lee Atchison, our principal cloud architect and advocate, on “Monitoring the Dynamic Nature of Cloud Computing.” Lee shared many of the concepts he presents in his ongoing blog series on how companies use the hybrid cloud to solve real-world problems. He talked about how some companies use the cloud as a “better data center,” leveraging it as a dynamic tool for dynamic apps—and how different approaches require different capabilities from your monitoring solution.

lee atchison

Lee Atchison, New Relic Principal Cloud Architect and Advocate

(For more on these topics, see Lee’s blog posts on Adding Data Center Capacity and Adding Cloud-Based Capabilities, and check out the recording of his recent webinar: Monitoring the Hybrid Cloud: How do you measure and make decisions across on-premises data centers, dynamic clouds, and hybrid clouds?)

Look for more coverage of the AWS Chicago Summit in upcoming New Relic blog posts, and note that the Chicago Summit is only one of many the company has planned around the world in 2016. We’re excited that New Relic will have a role in many of these free events. In fact, Lee will be giving an expanded version of his talk at the AWS event in Sydney, Australia, April 26-28. Even if you’re not Down Under, it’s worth the trip!

To see all the events New Relic has planned in the coming months, be sure to check out our Community Events Calendar.

Note: Event dates, participants, and topics are subject to change without notice.


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