No business likes downtime, but for Airbnb, availability is personal. “We’re nothing without our community,” says Site Reliability Engineer Cameron Tuckerman-Lee, “so downtime has a real human aspect for us.”

cameron tuckerman lee of airbnb at futurestack

Cameron Tuckerman-Lee of Airbnb with Michael Krigsman

Interviewed by Michael Krigsman, industry analyst and host of CXOTalk, at FutureStack16 in San Francisco, Cameron explained that a determination to meet the diverse needs of Airbnb customers is a big motivator for him and his fellow engineers. “It’s making sure not just that we’re up and taking bookings, but that people can rely on us.”

When engineers feel involved in every aspect of a product, Cameron said, they are bound to go the extra mile to make it—and keep it—as good as it can be. So what does that mean in practice? A DevOps approach in which the engineers building products are the same ones running and scaling them. A commitment to consistency, and to learning from every incident. Hence the motto: “Own your own impact.”

Hear more from Cameron, including his insights into work-life balance for on-call engineers, in the full 7-minute video interview below:

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