Steve Souders

Live from Velocity: Steve Souders on Fostering a Performance Culture

On the first day of Velocity 2013, I asked Steve Souders about an article he wrote last month on creating a web performance culture. Steve is the co-chair of the conference and the Head Performance Engineer at Google. As he explains, “It’s hard to make a strong argument for performance because we’re not talking about making visible changes to the…

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New Relic RUM data shows it takes 6 seconds on average for a web page to load! What’s taking so long?

Both our customers and we here at New Relic have learned a lot from looking at the Real User Monitoring data that’s been coming in fast and furious over the last month. Based on the javasrcipt library created by Google’s Steve Souders, RUM shows what performance issues actual users are experiencing on a site, right…

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