FutureStack14 Video: Modern Enterprise Technology—From DevOps to Node.Js

Modern matters. Before Thanksgiving, we rolled out the video of Docker founder Solomon Hykes’ FutureStack14 presentation on the future of modern software. But while containers are important, they’re far from the only element of the future of technology. That’s where Mitchell Hashimoto’s talk on Taming the Modern Data Center and TJ Fontaine presentation on Node.js: Systems…

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Setting Up Custom Instrumentation Using New Relic for Node.js

The New Relic for Node.js agent has automatic instrumentation for standard web requests, but sometimes that isn’t enough. If you are using web sockets or databases we don’t instrument yet, have background jobs, or have segments of your code that you’d like more insight into, custom instrumentation is for you. Luckily, we’ve added custom instrumentation…

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