New Relic RUM

How We Tune Our Own App Using RUM Data

Around here we drink our own champagne and we use New Relic to tune New Relic. We recently set some fairly aggressive performance standards for ourselves by lowering our end user Apdex-T value to 2.4 seconds, which is rather fast. We’re saying that our users expect our pages to load in 2.4 seconds or less. Our…

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The U.S. Bump – A Quick Look at Web Traffic Patterns

After launching Real User Monitoring earlier this year, developers around the world were able to see performance data from all of their customers in one place. They started to see end-user performance right next to application performance, and embarked on a whole new tier of app performance improvements as a result. By providing Real User…

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New Relic RUM data shows it takes 6 seconds on average for a web page to load! What’s taking so long?

Both our customers and we here at New Relic have learned a lot from looking at the Real User Monitoring data that’s been coming in fast and furious over the last month. Based on the javasrcipt library created by Google’s Steve Souders, RUM shows what performance issues actual users are experiencing on a site, right…

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