Async Programming Is Now Supported by New Relic APM’s .Net Agent

For some time now, developers have used asynchronous programming techniques to get more out of their applications, with increasing amounts of work done in the background without freezing the screen. Web applications and services support a base level of concurrency naturally by virtue of the ability of web servers to handle many requests simultaneously. At…

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Don’t Fear the Infrastructure

It’s Friday at 5:30pm… See if you can relate to this situation: The week is winding down on Friday afternoon and the team identifies a bug that needs to be patched, hot-fixed, etc. A build is ready to be created, and just like that, your build server crashes. What do you do? Do you have…

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Automated Testing at the Functional Layer

Those of you that have read my previous posts have probably noticed a trend. Automation is something I am very passionate about. We’ve talked about automating the release process, automating the little things, but haven’t talked about one of the more important areas of automation in the quality space: automated functional testing. What are they? Functional…

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