Get to Know Our Partners: Dig Into Your Traffic Logs with Loggly

A few months ago, we announced our partnership and integration with Loggly — the world’s most popular cloud-based log management service. Through a simple Chrome extension, Loggly and New Relic work together to bring an integrated, multi-faceted view of application and system behavior to streamline root cause analysis. We recently caught up with Loggly CEO…

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Photostream: The first SF Cloud Mafia Meetup. Re-live the fun in pictures!

Our first SF Cloud Mafia meetup this past Wednesday was a blast! Thanks to all who came and many thanks to our co-sponsors, Loggly, dotCloud, and Trinity Ventures who made the evening possible. Nearly 300 folks from around the Bay Area showed up to participate in a fun night of food, drink and great conversations.…

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