10 Hints for Holding a Great Hackathon

Just like getting the most out of participating in a hackathon, deriving maximum value from holding a hackathon takes careful preparation and advanced planning, especially about what you hope to gain from the event. But planning and implementing a successful hackathon may be harder than actually winning one. I have attended plenty of hackathons as…

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The Million Dollar Hackathon – Heroku and Salesforce Raise the Stakes at Dreamforce

It’s never been done before, and it’ll happen next week in San Francisco at Dreamforce: Salesforce and Heroku are offering a top prize of a cool million dollars for the best mobile app created in their hackathon. As one of Heroku’s most popular add-ons, New Relic is certain to be an indespensible tool for the…

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Live from DeveloperWeek: Biggest Hackathon Mistakes

In the real world, you have time to work on a project and mistakes are an inevitable part of the process. But in a hackathon, the deadline is set before you even start and a single mistake can make or break your project. At the 2013 DeveloperWeek Hackathon in San Francisco, I asked experienced hackathon participants, “What’s the…

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