The App Economy in 2014: Where’s the Money?

On the surface, 2013 looks like the year that Google and Apple in tandem crushed all the other smartphone operating systems. Google and Apple accounted for 94 percent of smartphone sales in Q4 2013, and the trend looks like it will continue in 2014. 2013 also looks like the year Google finally beat Apple. By…

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Google Compute Engine now Generally Available

Last month we announced an exciting new relationship with Google Cloud Platform as one of the the latest technology partners for Google Compute Engine.    When we look at what New Relic and Google Compute Engine offer together, never again will developers and ops people be in the dark about the performance of their applications in…

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‘Performance Matters’ Series: Online and Social Game Development

Whoa! Have you seen the trends related to the growth of online and social games? Red hot! It seems online gaming is replacing the precious entertainment hours we’ve historically spent in front of our TVs. There are hundreds of millions of adults playing online and social games everyday, worldwide. This is big business and competition is…

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