Gene Kim

Our Favorite FutureTalks

Ten months ago, we launched FutureTalks, a monthly series of talks highlighting some of the developer community’s most interesting projects, ideas, and people. First held in our Intergalactic Engineering HQ in Portland, FutureTalks has featured speakers like renowned Rubyist Sandi Metz, Indie Web developer Amber Case, DevOps whiz Gene Kim, and wiki legend Ward Cunningham,…

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DevOps Patterns Distilled: A FutureTalk with Gene Kim

Organizations successfully employing DevOps practices are routinely deploying code into production hundreds, or even thousands, of times per day. Most of these also manage to do so while providing world-class availability, reliability and security. In contrast, organizations that don’t embrace DevOps struggle to do releases more than every nine months. So where do companies like…

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