Improving Customer Experience Highlighted Gartner’s List of Top Tech Investments 

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is past, we’re looking forward to the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference in Las Vegas this week. The conference will focus on such hot topics as Data center infrastructure management Emerging storage architectures and vendors Mobile application performance Hybrid cloud computing Business value dashboards BYOD effects on networks But…

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FutureStack14 Video: Modern Enterprise Technology—From DevOps to Node.Js

Modern matters. Before Thanksgiving, we rolled out the video of Docker founder Solomon Hykes’ FutureStack14 presentation on the future of modern software. But while containers are important, they’re far from the only element of the future of technology. That’s where Mitchell Hashimoto’s talk on Taming the Modern Data Center and TJ Fontaine presentation on Node.js: Systems…

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How do you move more than 6000 customers in 2 hours? (Hint: plan ahead)

As many of you know, we undertook a major data center move last November. The move went quite smoothly, and we thought a blog post or two about how we did it might be useful to the community. We cajoled our IT Director Bayard Carlin into writing two posts that discuss the planning and execution…

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