Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: James Rosen

Earlier this year, Zendesk was voted “Sexiest Enterprise Startup” in TechCruch’s 2013 Crunchies Awards. As an amazing customer and Benchmark family member, we were incredibly happy to hear the news, and in an effort to spread the company’s sexiness even more, we also invited Zendesk CTO Mikkel Svane to participate in New Relic’s latest We…

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Community Spotlight with Ben Johnson

New Relic’s Community Spotlight blog series is designed to showcase people of interest in the tech community, learn about the projects they’re working on, and find out more about the things that excite them in the community today. So far, we’ve shined the spotlight on Rails Girls co-founder and soon-to-be children’s book author Linda Liukas…

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Kicking Off Our First Community Spotlight with Linda Liukas

As part of our ongoing effort to fuel more conversations, relationships, and advice-sharing within the technology community, we’re launching a new blog post series called Community Spotlight, in which we’ll be interviewing people of interest in the tech space, and asking them about the projects (work or personal) that they’re working on and passionate about.…

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