browser monitoring

Browser Monitoring & SSL Arrives for Node.js

Hot on the heels of last week’s amazing browser monitoring feature announcement, the Node.js team here at New Relic is excited to let you know that the agent now has the power of browser monitoring. This rounds out New Relic’s browser monitoring offering to all 6 of our language agents (Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, Python…

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Testing the New Relic Browser Agent

A little less than a year ago, we embarked on a bold plan to extend the foothold we had with Real User Monitoring (RUM) to monitor even more things! We weren’t quite sure yet what those things would be, but one thing we did know is that we needed a better testing and release strategy.…

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Announcing JS Error Reporting and AJAX Timing in New Relic

I work on the engineering team developing New Relic’s browser monitoring features, so it’s exciting to announce that, as of today, we’re offering a sneak preview of JavaScript Error Reporting and AJAX Timing to all of our customers, even those on free Lite accounts! We’ve also reorganized our existing real user monitoring (RUM) features to…

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