As anyone who’s ever bought or sold a house will tell you, becoming a property owner can be stressful. In fact, research shows that it’s even more stressful than getting divorced, being laid off from your job, or declaring bankruptcy. Whether it’s the prospect of getting ripped off, the pressure of finding the perfect home, or simply the process of signing a check with way too many zeros on it, the trials and tribulations of real estate are enough to get even the steadiest hand shaking.

zap logoBut does it really have to be that way? ZAP doesn’t think so. This São Paolo-based company, a subsidiary of Latin American media giant Grupo Global, offers online real estate classifieds for users looking to buy, sell, or rent a property in Brazil. With more than 400 employees working in 25 offices across the huge country, ZAP strives to make property ownership as painless as possible.

In addition to its primary website, the company operates FipeZAP (a unique index of Brazilian real estate prices) and the ZAP Pro and ZAP Rent mobile apps. Across all of these sites, ZAP is committed to optimizing the user experience—and minimizing the stress.

High traffic, high stakes

With over 11 million users hitting the ZAP website every month, keeping things running smoothly can itself be nerve-racking. High traffic means high stakes—especially during new deployments or activity spikes resulting from TV ads.

Sócrates Lopes

Sócrates Lopes, Senior Software Architect, ZAP

“It’s very difficult to simulate this type of traffic in a controlled environment,” says Sócrates Lopes, senior software architect at ZAP. “We wanted a better way to understand how our applications, which are developed in a smaller environment, behaved once they went live in production.”

To achieve that understanding, the company turned to New Relic. Beginning with New Relic Servers, the folks at ZAP soon saw the potential of the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud when it comes to optimizing app performance and improving the user experience.

The results were almost instantaneous. Says Solutions Architect Tercio Silva, “We started with New Relic APM and Servers, and within the first hour of deploying, we were already identifying mistakes and areas for improvement.”

No more nail biting

The deep visibility that New Relic offers is valuable across ZAP’s various teams, from infrastructure and database management to mobile, from developers to marketers. The agile, DevOps environment that the company is proud to maintain—one characterized by communication and collaboration—is now even more effective.

ZAP has become a company of self-proclaimed “data nerds.” That’s great news for its customers, who no longer need to bite their nails as they prepare to buy or sell a house.

“Selling and buying a property are big steps in a person’s life,” says Lopes. “We want to make sure they have the best experience possible. And for us to ensure that, software analytics will continue to be a great ally.”

Watch the ZAP customer video below (in Portuguese with English subtitles):


Be sure to read the full ZAP case study.


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