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The New Relic Affiliate Program. Recommend RPM and generate revenue. Could it be any easier? Join up.New Relic announced last week the creation of an Affiliate Program. It is designed for companies, individuals or user groups in the Rails community who want to recommend New Relic RPM to their clients and members.

The program works this way: If you have relationships with individuals or organizations deploying Rails applications, you can recommend that they sign up for RPM. When they do, New Relic attaches your Affiliate code to the customer. If they become a paying subscriber, the Affiliate gets paid a portion of the subscription fees in cash after a few months. The affiliate may elect to rebate the referral fee back to the end customer or keep it for themselves. For example, if a user group wants to join the program (like the Utah Ruby User Group) they can provide a service to their members by rebating the cost of their RPM subscription which acts as a discount.

In addition to cash referral fees, affiliates can also get free use of RPM Gold for 30 days to make improvements in their own Rails apps.

Its a terrific way to help your clients, friends and group members. To learn more, send an email to'

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