Super X-Ray Vision with X-Ray Sessions

For a while now we’ve claimed that installing New Relic gives you “x-ray vision for your application.” But today we’re taking that up a level by rolling out a brand new feature called X-Ray Sessions.

If New Relic already gave you x-ray vision, then X-Ray Sessions give you super x-ray vision! Here’s how it works: Suppose there’s a performance issue you’re trying to get to the root of, but you can’t quite figure it out with the default set of analytics we provide out of the box. For example, 99% of the transactions work fine. But there’s one that grinds to a halt or errors out due to specific customer data.

Simply run an X-Ray Session on a Key Transaction. You’ll immediately begin to collect up to 100 Transaction Traces and a thread profiler report that aggregates all your hosts. And it will show you the performance of that Key Transaction at the most detailed level possible. You can leave it running for hours in the background and be confident that you’re collecting the most detailed diagnostics data possible.

X-Ray Sessions

The best part is that the overhead is minimal. Because the additional TTs and thread profiler are targeted only for the Key Transaction, the rest of the app incurs almost no additional overhead. X-Ray Sessions can then be saved and shared across your team as you continue to work through those really tough performance issues.

X-Ray Sessions are launching for Python, but we have plans to quickly follow up with support for Ruby and Java. And of course, PHP and .NET aren’t far behind either. So if you’ve got a Python app and want the ability to have super x-ray vision, then upgrade to the latest agent and let us know what you think of X-Ray Sessions today!'

Patrick Lightbody is VP of product management at New Relic. Now based in Portland, Oregon, Patrick has started two companies in the SaaS monitoring space. View posts by .

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