X-Ray Sessions Now Available for Java Applications

Back in April, we launched X-Ray Sessions for Python apps and we promised that we’d roll it out soon for other languages. Well, that day is here! X-Ray Sessions are now available for your Java applications.

Digging Into Your Key Transactions
We know there are critical times when you need to dig deep into your transactions to find the performance bottlenecks that are slowing them down. X-Ray Sessions provides this data by giving you a granular view into your Key Transactions.

X-Ray Sessions provide:

* An in-depth view into a high volume of Transaction Traces (up to 100) alongside long-running profile results, aggregated across all of your hosts
* Thread profiler data across all hosts or processes that run your application
* A view into up to five traces per minute, per transaction. (And not just the slow ones!)
* Histograms of transaction performance

X-Ray Sessions for Java apps

Armed with this level of information, you’ll have x-ray vision into all of your Java applications! For more information about X-Ray Sessions, check out this blog post. Or to get started with X-Ray Sessions today, visit our Docs site for details.

And don’t forget to stay tuned! X-Ray sessions for Ruby and .NET aren’t far behind.

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