Working with Engine Yard: Old Friends with Common Goals

Engine Yard and New Relic

In late 2007, I had an idea and a prototype.  The idea was to take another crack at the application performance management problem, bringing to bear all of the lessons learned from my previous company, Wily Technology.  The prototype was what would later become New Relic RPM for Rails web applications.  The problem was, in 2007, I didn’t know much about the Ruby on Rails market, and I was unsure whether this was the right opportunity to pursue.

Thankfully, I was introduced to Tom Mornini and the great folks at Engine Yard, who were then – as they are today – widely recognized as thought leading experts on the Ruby on Rails platform, Cloud Computing, and Platform as a Service.  Thanks to Engine Yard’s encouragement and sponsorship, I decided to make a go of New Relic.  It’s an understatement to say that I have no regrets whatsoever!

We took our series A round a few months later, and launched the service in June of 2008.  And on launch day, we announced our first integration partner: Engine Yard.  It has been a wonderful partnership that had its genesis before day one.

Tom and I recently had a conversation about our shared history and the importance of application performance in the cloud, as well as our new announcement of our extended partnership offering.  You can read it (or listen) to it at Engine Yard’s podcast site.

As of today, we are offering RPM bronze to all Engine Yard customers.  Engine Yard customers can now get the power of RPM Bronze (a $75 per month per server value) for free. We are excited to be making this announcement, and so are our joint customers.  Here’s one tweet that I saw right after the announcement:

Why is working with Engine Yard such a great fit? Really it’s about sharing common goals:

  1. Make life easier for developers
  2. Focus on web application performance, availability and reliability
  3. Simplify the complex

By focusing on these shared values, we bring a joint solution that we believe makes web businesses successful with Rails.  We look forward to doing even more exciting things with Engine Yard in the future!  Stay tuned.

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