“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” We’ve all heard it—from our parents, from our teachers, from our Little League baseball coaches. But the phrase also resonates in the modern workplace, where the ability to quickly create teams of freelancers and independent contractors is increasingly important. From small businesses to giant corporations, building strong outsourced teams is now a major business challenge.work market logo

Work Market provides a holistic solution to hiring the right freelancer for the job. The New York-based company offers an enterprise-scale freelance management system (FMS) designed to help companies manage their independent workforces from a single platform. The Work Market platform helps organizations recruit contract applicants, verify their credentials, run their onboarding process, compensate their work, and rate their performance—all via one simple dashboard.

Monolith to microservices

Recognized by Forbes and Crain’s Business as one of New York’s fastest growing companies, the six-year-old company now has more than 1,000 businesses relying on its management platform. Yujin Kim, director of operations at Work Market, joined the company a year ago in the midst of this massive growth and found a technology platform in transition.

Work Market had originally built its online freelance management system as a single monolithic application, but as both technology and the company’s services evolved, this approach became increasingly inefficient. Kim and his team decided to move to a microservices-based architecture, with individual microservices owned and maintained by separate teams to serve different market segments.

This change has dramatically multiplied the number of teams and applications that the Work Market’s IT staff must support. Says Yujin, “The only way we can keep pace with that expansion is to empower those teams to monitor the performance of their own applications and to work cooperatively to make informed decisions for the business.” What the company needed was the right tool for the job.

Finding common ground

Both Yujin and Chris Handy, a senior DevOps engineer at Work Market who had joined the firm around the same time, were pleased to discover New Relic APM already deployed at Work Market. Both had used New Relic in previous jobs and were eager to work with it again.

“One thing that I liked about New Relic right from the start was that it offered a common ground that enabled all these different teams—DevOps, operations, management, and more—to begin speaking the same language,” explains Chris. “Finally, they were all viewing the same metrics from within the same tool. This was the key to our teams working more collaboratively.” This newfound sense of transparency enabled Kim, Handy, and their teams to decrease time spent troubleshooting performance issues—and more time helping Work Market’s customers hire the right person for the gig.

Tom Howell is a rising senior at Cal Poly SLO and current intern at New Relic. During his time here, he has assisted the Customer Marketing and Account-Based Marketing teams, where he has learned to manage and deliver sales content on a single platform. Outside of the office, he is a Student Ambassador for the Orfalea College of Business in addition to being a diehard San Francisco Giants fan. View posts by .

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