Woot! The latest PHP agent update includes auto-RUM, support for CakePHP 2.0, and database improvements.

You may have noticed some updates we made to our PHP agent last week:

Automatic Real User Monitoring: The new auto-RUM mechanism supports all frameworks, not just Drupal and WordPress. As a result, it is significantly more reliable as modules and other changes to the framework no longer impact how we insert the RUM header and footer. If you previously had to manually insert RUM headers and footers, we encourage you to re-enable auto-RUM and comment out your existing manual calls. To go with this change there is a new API call, newrelic_disable_autorum() that you can use to prevent auto-RUM from running for a given transaction.

 – CakePHP: Support for CakePHP 2.0 was added, and support for CakePHP 1.2 and 1.3 was slightly overhauled based on the author’s feedback. Cake PHP 1.2 applications will be considerably faster when New Relic is enabled due to the new transaction naming mechanism. This also ensures that transactions are correctly named even if you have implemented your own custom dispatcher class.

 – Database Updates:
* Support for the MemCache like features in Redis. These metrics will appear in the overview graphs as MemCache activity.
* Added support for Oracle databases by instrumenting oci_parse() and oci_execute() calls.
* Added support for the deprecated but frequently used mysql_db_query function.
* The REPLACE SQL is now recognized and it will generate its own unique metrics.
* MongoDB now correctly instruments the update command.
* Added support for the pure PHP MemCached client from Wikia.

Thanks again to the PHP community for all your feedback in making our PHP agent a great tool.


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