Why New Relic is the Choice of Cloud Platform Leaders

This week we announced integration partnerships with two more cloud platform providers – Eucalyptus Systems and GridGain Systems. The addition of these two partnerships brings the number of our cloud platform integrations to eight. They also bring to 12 our number of cloud partnerships. Why have so many key companies in the cloud infrastructure and platform market chosen New Relic RPM as their recommended application management tool for their customers? We think there are several compelling reasons.

First, an application performance tool is not an option for your cloud-based apps, it’s a necessity. Why? Application behavior on the cloud is different from its behavior on a dedicated, non-virtualized environment. Not always worse. And not always better either. But always different. Unless you have considerable experience developing applications on the platform you have selected, and understand how to adjust the application architecture and code to accommodate the nuances (peculiarities?) of the platform’s architecture, scaling and use of resources, then it’s safe to say that the first few applications you deploy using a cloud platform will not perform like your other, non-cloud apps. Finding out just how and where it’s different is the job of New Relic RPM. The 12 platform and infrastructure providers, companies  like Engine Yard, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, RightScale, Heroku, Stax and others, recognize this requirement.

Second, by their nature, cloud applications are highly variable in scale. One of the benefits of every cloud platform is its ability to automatically scale out your application based on a set of load-response policies you set up. In some cases this auto-scaling is hidden within the platform and outside of your control. In other cases, you have a lot of control over how and when the app scales out. In either case, it’s highly likely that your application will vary in the number of instances deployed throughout the course of the week. Only RPM can instantly monitor new instances, with zero configuration or adjustment, and maintain a logical view of your application’s performance. Traditional APM tools cannot make this real-time adjustment as new instances come up and go down. Platform developers recognize that only New Relic is as scalable as the applications they host.

Finally, integration of RPM within the platform is a very simple, straightforward engineering job. We have designed RPM’s API’s and billing models to be very integration-friendly. Usually, enabling a cloud platform’s customers to create an RPM account and to monitor their applications, all from within the platform console, takes less than a week of cooperative development with New Relic engineers. New Relic also has several models built into RPM ready to support the platform provider’s choice of customer billing. When every software company is pressed for time and developer resources are scarce, a partner who is ready to make it easy is good partner to have. We think we make it about as easy as it can get.

We are in discussions with several other cloud infrastructure and platform developers. We are excited about working with them and delighted to have the relationships with the cloud partners we have today.


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