Why New Relic Is Raising $80 Million Now

Today we announced that we’ve raised an additional $80 Million in funding, our largest round of financing yet, for a total of $115 Million to date. So the big question is why: Why did New Relic raise this latest round of funding? And why now? You can read our press release here, but that’s only part of the equation:

1. The Nerd Economy Is Real and Growing Fast
It’s never been more obvious that the future of the economy lies with developers. Developers (affectionately known as Nerds) are wielding unprecedented power thanks to the cloud, open source and other trends. And we are not alone in seeing what an amazing opportunity this provides. Companies from Github, PuppetLabs, Engine Yard, and more are proving that building tools for the more than 17 Million developers worldwide can be a massively successful and rewarding mission.

2. The Enterprise Software Market Needs a Kick in the Pants
Every corner of the enterprise software market is being disrupted. And that’s how it should be. We’ve found our corner of it and it’s huge: $20 Billion huge! As we focus on delivering the best product we can and making our end users happy, we are now ready to displace the legacy providers and help reshape how enterprises consume technology.

3. Mobile Developers Don’t Have the Visibility they Need
We’ll also be using this funding to bring our SaaS platform to the mobile app market. There are millions of mobile developers building millions of mobile apps, but no one is REALLY watching the user experience! Sure, some companies have built their own monitoring. But we’re the first ones to bring our expertise to the massive mobile market.

4. We Didn’t Start New Relic to Just do ‘APM’
Lastly and most importantly, we are at a unique point in time where we can focus on our own unique model and build a multi-billion dollar, standalone-company that is just as important as VMware or Salesforce in today’s market. Our vision expands beyond ‘just’ APM (Application Performance Management) and this funding gives us a stepping stone for realizing our grand(er) plans.

It’s never been more obvious that software — and the developers who create it — make the world run. We’re here to make sure the software runs. For a look back at 2012 and how we got here, check out this infographic showing our amazing growth.

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2012 Growth Infographic teaser


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