Why Mobile, Why Now: 3 Facts That Support our Decision to Help Mobile Developers

We’re hearing more and more about ‘mobile’ these days. It’s a hot topic and for good reason. Check out the stats on the infographic we published today. Mobile is the most disruptive thing to happen to computing, application building and (on the end user side) data consumption since the rise of the Internet. New Relic’s history of innovation essentially demands that we fill the need created by this massive change. Here are the three soundbites that drove our decision to build solutions for the mobile development and operations market:


Fact 1: eBay sells 10,000 cars a week on mobile and predicts billions in mobile commerce 

That is a staggering stat. The market tends to talk about photo-sharing apps (which also care about user experience!) and Facebook. But the reality is significant money is being spent on other mobile commerce apps and, just as the Internet proved, you need to manage the customer experience if you hope to get satisfied, return traffic. 

Fact 2: Network-connected native apps are becoming the new “end points” for enterprise apps

At New Relic, we’ve been monitoring billions of web pages each week being served on mobile browsers since our Real User Monitoring product launch in 2011. Our users have optimized their pages for this growing mobile use case, but until now, they haven’t seen the actual native app experience. As tablets and smartphones proliferate through companies large and small, there is a tremendous need for dev, ops and business tools that shed light on the end user experience. How do we know? Because our customers have told us they need this visibility.

Fact 3: Mary Meeker speaks the truth. Mobile allows us to re-imagine EVERYTHING.

KPCB Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker of KPCB updated her state of the Internet deck last year and commented that the mobile revolution is driving the “re-imagination of nearly everything”. New devices + Connectivity + UI + Beauty on mobile devices means everything — from getting a cab to buying a car to connecting with friends — is being re-imagined.  And because New Relic is already the management tool of choice for the backend of most of these revolutionary services, it only makes sense to extend the visibility to the newest, complicated end point: The Native Mobile App.

The New Relic team has been working on a native mobile app monitoring offering for about a year. We first prototyped it last spring / summer, and have spent the last several months making sure the user experience and product depth has the special “New Relic magic” that we try to infuse into all our products (ease of use, data visualization, and the out-of-the-box ‘it just works’ experience). With this first release, we think we are filling a gap in the market for REAL USER DATA, in real time, directly from native app experiences.  As this is the first release, we have a roadmap for more capabilities and you’ll see significant additions later this year. But we believe this is a great first step and hope you do, too.

We invite you to try the Enterprise version of New Relic for Mobile Apps free for 30-days. After the trial ends, new and existing customers get New Relic for Mobile Apps LITE free of charge. Go here for more information.

Below are snippets from some case studies we published today. The stories, in the words of customers who have used our mobile product in production, are by far the most eloquent words of praise that I can imagine.


Dark Horse


“With the New Relic for Mobile Apps solution, New Relic is pretty much the only game in town. We now have a truly comprehensive view of our full environment: from a server infrastructure perspective, from an application server-side perspective, and from a iOS/Android client-side perspective.”

— Dustin Whittle, CTO, Kwarter

… And here is Mary’s original presentation:

KPCB Internet Trends 2012 by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

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