Why Lean Startups Love New Relic

Startup Feedback LoopLast week, we talked about how Lean Startup principles can help businesses of all sizes get more efficient and more informed. With the Lean Startup Conference kicking off today, we wanted to take the opportunity to explore why New Relic is such a perfect tool for organizations practicing the lean methodology. Not only did we follow the lean model from the very start and continue to embrace the philosophy as we grow, but New Relic application performance management is also designed to provide the very insights that drive the lean ethos. Let’s take a closer look.

At the core of the lean approach is the idea that a startup is an experiment. And this applies whether we’re talking about a fledgling company or a new product offering from a larger, established entity. Surrounding any such experiment is what author Eric Ries calls “conditions of extreme uncertainty”. The goal for lean organizations, then, is to improve efficiency precisely by minimizing the unknown through data collection. For businesses focused on providing web applications, this is exactly where New Relic comes in.

Because our tool monitors the entire application stack in real time, it provides a comprehensive view of performance so you can see what’s not working and optimize on the spot. You start by building your MVP (minimum viable product) and New Relic helps you measure its effectiveness and learn how to improve. Fast.

That’s the other essential tenet of the Lean Startup lifestyle: Speed wins. Actionable, auditable metrics are key to eliminating the uncertainty around product performance and customer behavior, but they also have to help you iterate rapidly in order to succeed. Being lean is all about accelerating that feedback loop. And once again, this is where New Relic excels.

The intelligence you gain with New Relic APM is all coming through in real time, so you can see what’s happening with your app right as it happens. This is really the biggest advantage for any lean organization. No matter what you uncover about your product, you’re doing it with the speed to adapt incrementally at a moment’s notice. Which means you’re sinking less time and money into figuring out what works. So if a product feature or new service is failing, no problem. At least it failed fast and without wasting precious resources. You’ll have all the data you need to know exactly how to improve it, or whether it’s time to just dump it and make a crucial pivot. That’s the thing about experiments; they often don’t work out the way you expect, so you learn as much as you can along the way to work toward the desired outcome.

Want to learn more about how New Relic can help your business get faster, smarter, and leaner? Come check us out at the conference and see our APM tool in action. And don’t forget to take advantage of our special offer just for Lean Startup attendees!


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