What We Love About Providing Technical Support to New Relic Customers

A little less than two months ago, I started at New Relic as the Director of Support. I thought I had I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into. As a customer advocate, I did my research to make sure New Relic was a company that walked their talk. (Anyone who has ever worked for a company who says they’re customer focused but behaves differently understands why this is so important to me.)

So I had done my homework. Everyone I spoke with convinced me that their primary job was to make it easy for customers to do business with New Relic. That meant I’d spend less time convincing people of customer needs and get to spend more time making sure the service was great.

New Relic's Technical Support Team

My Introduction to the Technical Support Team
When I met my new team, I happily discovered a group of technical support engineers who absolutely love their work. Now let me explain why this is worth calling out. I’ve been in technical support for 20 years. And while it’s not uncommon to find folks who really enjoy their work, it is unusual to find an entire team with that kind of love.

Support departments exist because of problems no company want to advertise. Unfortunately, these problems do exist and that’s where we come in. We’re drawn to it like moths to a flame. But again, it’s rare to say we love it. At least not in the same way we love to play with animals and children, hike to a swimming hole or even ride a bike. (Don’t ask – it’s a Portland thing.) So why does this team of support engineers enjoy their work in the same way they enjoy other activities in their lives?

Why New Relic’s Customers Are Special
To my delight much of it has to do with the customers themselves. We all share a common purpose to make the online experience better for everyone. But even more importantly, New Relic customers are really smart and they present us with (dare I say it) smart problems! This means our support engineers are really smart too. To stay smart, they need to learn all the time. (And really, what smart person doesn’t like to learn all the time.)

No two days look the same. The variety that comes from supporting so many development frameworks is practically endless. One minute we’re troubleshooting custom class loaders in a Java framework. And the next we’re helping a customer finish installing our Python agent so we can send that cool Data Nerd tshirt off in the mail.

And the lemon icing on the lavender teacake (I must be hungry) is that we don’t need to say ‘no’ very often. When a customer has feedback for us such as  ‘Please add Node support!’ we have an entire company with open ears. Our colleagues want to make our products and services better too, and New Relic is uniquely setup to ensure that happens.

New Relic is a collection of smart, passionate, ridiculously nice people who rally around the customer experience. And we attract smart, passionate customers too, who in turn, rally around New Relic. This means technical support is a great place to be and our work truly is awesome.  I’m a lucky girl.

Interested in joining New Relic’s technical support team? Find out if you have what we’re looking for.


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