What do RPM and Pivotal Tracker have in common? They're agile, they're effective, and now they're integrated.

Great news for users of RPM and Pivotal Tracker! We just enabled integration between the two products. Pivotal Tracker is an agile planning tool that the team at Pivotal Labs created to help them with their own development projects. It worked so well for them and their clients, that they decided to make it publicly available.  Many software development companies and in-house dev teams are using it today.

New Relic and Pivotal  have been partners for a while and we thought it would make a lot of sense to create a system that combined agile application monitoring with agile development, so we integrated our products. How does it work? When using RPM, you can now create a Tracker story directly from an Error Trace, Transaction Trace, or a Note. This makes it very easy for developers to tie specific issues within an application to a story designed to fix or improve the app. This really closes the loop on the agile development process.

Using RPM and Tracker together is pretty simple. Once you have entered your Tracker account info into RPM, on on any RPM screen that shows an individual Transaction Trace, Error Trace, or Note, you’ll see a red button that says “File a story with Pivotal Tracker.” Clicking on it automatically takes you to Tracker and opens a new story, which you can assign, save, amend, promote to the current backlog, etc.

RPM and Pivotal Tracker Integration

Dan Podsedly from Pivotal Labs said today that “New Relic RPM is a critical tool for us, and it provides transparency into runtime performance of Pivotal Tracker as well as many of our client projects. We’re excited to see that RPM now integrates with Pivotal Tracker, allowing developers to prioritize and collaborate around performance bottlenecks along with other stories in the Tracker backlog, increasing overall visibility and team communication.”

Get RPM and Pivotal Tracker Today!

Did you know that Pivotal customers are eligible to receive RPM Bronze free during the first 12 months of your Pivotal contract? It’s true! Just sign up for RPM Lite, our free version and then contact Pivotal for instructions about how to upgrade.

Pivotal Tracker is completely free, there is no software to install, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.


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